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Victor Hsu is the founder of new luxury sneaker brand FACTO. With the collection in it's first season, FACTO has been received with great success, selling in key stores around the world including at Level Shoes here in Dubai, as well as being showcased as part of this year's Sole DXB concept space Early Retirement.

We managed to speak with Victor Hsu who told us how his journey in shoes began, from Director of Marketing for JUMP to independently living in Japan and creating his brand. He delves into his upbringing, his education and his muses - the "slightly badass older gentlemen" of Tokyo.

The Shinto Buddhists refer to it as Tsukumogami, a belief that certain objects develop their own spiritual essence over time. From the entropy that becomes the design, the design that through artisanship, brings to life a product, the soul is intrinsic to the core of FACTO. The event of conception occurs at a family-owned manufacturer in the Tuscan countryside. This is a behind the curtain look at the making of FACTO.

It is the artisans that imbibe each shoe with that vital spark, giving it life through craftsmanship, wrought from a sequence of intricate processes. It is insight into just who these people are, the pride they take in their work and the appreciation for the tradition of their craft.

This is the ANIMA FACTO.

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Apollo | White Sheepskin  Low cut sneaker
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